AIMTC is the « Académie Internationale des Méthodes Thérapeutiques Contemporaines ». Based in Montreal, this school proposes seminars of different manual therapies (Niromathe, Bowen, DermoNeuroModulation and Dort) to therapists of all kinds. T2202A forms are send at the end of each year and the courses proposed by the school are exempt of GST and other taxes.

All the seminars are proposed in English, French or Spanish

Louise Tremblay

This is me! I am a « somesthesy-therapist ». What does that mean? Well, the sense of somesthesia represents all what we feel, except the stimulations coming from the eyes (sight), the ears (audition), the nose (olfaction) and the mouth (taste). It is all the rest. So, all cutaneous, muscle and joint receptors, proprioceptors, visceroceptors, all the receptors which take information that will be carried to the CNS except those from the 4 senses above. With our techniques, we have direct access to the brain, but we need to learn how to stimulate best to make sure it happens properly. This is my challenge. Huge! And be sure that I will never reach my goal because we can never say we have learned it all!!! Good thing, I can continue to learn!!

Welcome to Bowen, it will be very nice to meet you !!!

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